Steampunk No2

Another Steampunk set. Cogs and clockwork – I could do this all day. Love this alternative style.
Steampunk 2
Steampunk 2 by eva-rose69 featuring an angel statue

I’m very fascinated by steampunk style pens, I had to add them to this set. They are beautiful! I would love to own one of them.. well ok, maybe all of them.
And moth – looks very nice in the glass display dome. Great decoration for any home.

Steampunk Outfit

Where would I be without having at least one outfit for Steampunk.
Even so I don’t wear much brown shades in my everyday outfits, hardly any really… but I’m really fascinated by the style. It’s a special occasion to dress up in Steampunk for me.
One thing I would wear everyday is –  Hades shoes. I love the unique design. Pair in the picture are called Oxford’s. They come in 2 different colours – black or brown. I love them both. So far I only own one pair of Hades boots called Victoriana.

Steampunk by eva-rose69 featuring inspirational home decor

Perfect way to give the ‘Steam’ look to you outfit is to add goggles, clock shape handbag and some cog themed jewellery. Also if you aim for more sophisticated look add top hat and leather gloves.

Back to Normal

After 3 weeks and 4 days my dreads are gone. Back to normal. I miss my long hair already but it felt damn good to finally wash my head. I almost forgot how good shampoo feels. To celebrate another change in my life I’m sharing this very first ‘after dreads’ outfit. IMG_6857 (2)IMG_6861 (2)IMG_6867 (2)IMG_6870 (2)IMG_6875 (2)IMG_6894 (2)

Top – Vivienne Westwood, Belt – New Look, Skirt – River Island, Shoes – New Look, Handbag – Vivienne Westwood


The Power of Spring

IMG_6782 (2)Today we decided to have a day out to enjoy  ‘The Power of Spring’. What a nice smell it is. Everything is in bloom and so colourful, you just need to know where to look. Enjoy!IMG_6766IMG_6777 (2)IMG_6787 (2)IMG_6809 (2)IMG_6829 (2)IMG_6826 (2)There’s 2 Instagram shots for closer details of this look: Burgundy shoes, ah I love them, and rings. Got the little skull ring today from Claire’s, it’s so beautiful. I love it!

Jacket – Therapy, Sunglasses – Dolce and Gabbana, Necklace – Vivienne Westwood,

Top – H&M, High Waist Jeans – New Look, Handbag – Hazel by Carvela Kurt Geiger,

Shoes – Anaki Paris, Rings – Claire’s(Skull) and Primark